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Peugeot 4007 Interior

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  • Robot-Rock
    May 2, 04:32 PM
    This concept might seem alien to a lot of MacRumours users, but being a 'switcher', the method of deleting any app on OS X currently seems very ad hoc. I've been a mac user now for about 4 years and yet the idea of having to delete an app by dragging it to the trash seems very... strange. You never know if you've deleted ALL of that program.

    Microsoft have managed to get one thing right in Windows. A specific tool (Add/Remove Programs) to delete a program. That's something that I genuinely feel is lacking in OS X and this idea of clicking and holding in LaunchPad makes sense. It's imple enough: most users who own an iPhone will have no trouble in adopting this method. And what's more, it makes it instantly accessible to anyone who uses a mac. In addition, it goes a step further than Microsoft. It avoids making more novice users from having to delve in to a complex window of settings. A step in the right direction? I think so!

    So personally, I think this is a very simple yet very effective change to make to OS X and should be a welcome sign of the things to come in Lion!

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  • celticpride678
    Apr 3, 12:34 AM
    Leopard requires 9GB, Snow Leopard requires 5GB, and now Lion is under 4GB?

    Oh my, no. That's just the size of the installer, which is compressed. Right now on the partition that I'm pretty sure that I only have the OS installed on and little to nothing else, I have 6.55gb taken up. The final version might take up even less than that.

    The reason Lion's only 3.7 GB right now is because it's an upgrade only. You can't install Lion on a clean partition right now, only upgrade from Snow Leopard.

    Apple likely did this to reduce download times.

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  • BillyShears
    Jan 2, 03:19 PM
    On a hunch I'm calling updated MacBook Pros.

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  • azentropy
    Sep 15, 09:57 AM
    And I would recommend the iPhone 4 to everyone I know, almost all of whom use a case no matter what phone they have.

    Let's drop the car analogy, it's causing more trouble than my point is worth. Apple did not fix the issue YET, but they said they would. What would you have them do in the meantime? What would CR have them do? No doubt a product recall which would be silly overkill. Apple's solution is simple, free, and easy.

    CR wants them to include a free case in the box at the time of purchase. Isn't that a MORE "simple, free, and easy" solution than what Apple did and are now doing away with? Apple's solution is no longer "simple, free and easy" after Sep. 30th. BTW - it took 7 weeks for me to receive my case.

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  • dernhelm
    Nov 29, 07:53 PM
    I'm glad that he confirmed this. Otherwise Macworld in January would be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

    Mr. Jobs finished his keynote with the startling admission that there is nothing left: "That's all folks! We've got nothing else in development. See you in 2010."

    I'm tellin' ya! I'm in the wrong business. Forget all this deadline - get product out carp. Get in to journalism where all you need to do is restate the obvious with a few well-placed typos, and Bob's your uncle.

    Ahhh! I'm blind!


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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Aug 31, 03:05 PM
    Knowing that Apple doesn't pay listed prices, it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple could get the Yonah chips for less than Merom ones.

    Also, Apple has historically liked to scale its product lineup to encourage buying then next item up the scale. Some have even referred to it as "crippling" the lower machines.Ahh crippling like using inferior Gpu's like in ProMac & Mini? Both GMA950 & 7300 are bottom tier.

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  • Peugeot 4007 Interior

  • smileyborg
    Apr 2, 07:02 PM
    I really like this ad. Maybe this will be the new direction of Apple's marketing?

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  • cgc
    Mar 24, 02:38 PM
    I;m going to go out on a limb and preemptively complain my MacPro 1.1 isn't supported :( and is only as configurable as an iMac...the irony...

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  • Ichneumon
    Mar 24, 03:14 AM
    I've never had an iPod, only an iPhone and iPad, but can the iPod classic be used as a hard drive for storage? I didn't know that. How does that work?

    If it would allow that, I think I might buy a classic, if it updates in september. I could use more space for my videos and music and if it also functions as a portable hard drive, I can justify buying it even more.

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  • macfan70
    Nov 27, 01:28 PM
    To fit in to the Mac line up, the price for the 17" Widescreen should not be over 399 at which point you might as well get an iMac. I think if it is real, then Apple will fill the product gap and sell them for 299. Still iffy since most 17" LCDs go for at least 50 bucks less. :confused:

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  • treblah
    Jul 19, 05:51 PM
    Good Lord, 9.5 Billion in the Bank!

    Dear Apple,

    This just makes .Mac sucking that much more incredible.

    Please hire some .Mac engineers.


    Every Apple User in the World

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  • Peugeot 4007 DCS Automatic

  • gkarris
    Nov 29, 09:26 AM
    I think that 17" is great - they've got'em already with the iMac. Prices to need to drop with the market. They'll still be more as the monitors are of better quality. IMHO:

    17" - $399
    20" - $599
    23" - $899
    30" - $1899

    Bring back a $499 Mac Mini and a basic mouse and you have an inexpensive system!

    (Maybe Apple could make a special "bundle" for $899?)

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  • heels of the Peugeot 4007,

  • SchneiderMan
    Nov 26, 08:48 PM
    Just got done framing (: took me a minute too.

    Peugeot 4007 Interior. Peugeot 4007 DCS Automatic
  • Peugeot 4007 DCS Automatic

  • Horrortaxi
    Mar 20, 08:32 AM
    a hell of alot more people buy IBMs here eg: Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony.

    I don't want to sound excessively picky, but only IBM makes IBM computers. Toshiba makes Toshiba computers and Sony makes Sony computers.

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  • nagromme
    Jul 18, 02:06 AM
    I hope the rental thing is true--I don't want to own. I'm not with Steve Jobs on this one (assuming the rumors are true that he opposes rentals).

    Owning music downloads fits my habits/needs. Owning movie downloads does NOT. The vast majority of movies I watch I never see again. And I don't want to store big movie files long-term. And I don't want to pay a higher price! Lower the price and make it short-term. I like that better.

    For the few movies/shows I'd want to own, I want the discs (Blu-Ray preferred :) ) and the ability to take them to a friends' house.

    Also, if it's a rental model, I can be more forgiving on quality. They'd have to be better than iPod 320x240 (except, obviously, when played ON an iPod), but if they're a little bit short of DVD quality, I'd still be bored enough to seek instant gratification and rent some. The price would have to be right, of course. Netflix rentals cost about $2.50 each on my plan. For slightly-sub-DVD quality and near-instant delivery, I'd pay maybe $2. For FULL DVD quality I'd certainly be willing to match Netlflix's price, or even pay a little more (for iTunes convenience/speed).

    How often would I rent? Depends on selection... which means, probably not often :) At first. But it would be cool to see it grow to a collection that could rival Netflix.

    After all, I already do all my movie watching on my Mac (sometimes connected to TV).

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  • MacSA
    Sep 6, 12:17 PM
    I just bought a Core Duo on the 21st, needless to say I'm pissed. Anyone know apple's price match policy?

    Dont bother, its not worth the hassle, you'll notice a 0.5 second difference in some speed test thats all. If youd bought a Core Solo, it might be worth it.

    Peugeot 4007 Interior. Peugeot 4007 Interior. Read my Photography Blog! Taken at the British International Motor Show in 2008
  • Peugeot 4007 Interior. Read my Photography Blog! Taken at the British International Motor Show in 2008

  • dime21
    Apr 20, 10:54 AM
    Yep - I'm not sure that I have ever even been in an automatic!
    Agreed, I've never owned an automatic car in my life. And I've owned more than a dozen cars. 4 speed, 5 speed, 6 speed, all manuals. Automatic? No thanks, not interested.

    Manuals are cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, more reliable, longer lasting, more powerful, more fuel efficient, and offer better driver control. Automatics are for the elderly and the handicapped.

    The only exception to this is the very newest DSG from VW/Audi, PDK from Porsche, and SMG from BMW. Mechanically, they are manual transmissions, but with computer-controlled shifers and no clutch pedal. Sounds complicated, but from the driver's perspective, it isn't. Put it in Drive, and go, no clutch pedal, no manual shifting - same driver controls as a traditional automatic. But with the power and fuel efficiency of a manual. Win-win.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 2, 06:25 PM
    the last few generations of the jetta have been absolute rubbish ... i hoping this new generation is actually better

    I started a thread about the new Passat and Jetta a little while back. Basically, the new Jetta is bigger, costs less, and uses cheaper materials. People expecting Golf-like levels of refinement and build quality will be disappointed.

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Aug 7, 04:54 AM
    Yes living in th UK is like punishment for being born at the moment. Can I stay with you in Aussie? I have a G5 and a MacBook you can use. :D

    To think you guys thought it was punishment to ship us here. I laugh

    I already have one of each, though my MacBook does randomly shut down. But another G5, hmmmm, well i don't use my Quad with 4gb 1tb 7800 to its potential anyway.

    Once again the UK is redundant. Wait until we play England in the Ashes, omg, we are going to destroy you.

    Apr 12, 10:10 PM
    iLife has done this for years and now Aperture is doing the same thing. Frankly, I prefer it to the old way.

    You realize that you'll be on Aperture 5 before you spend more money than just buying 3 outright. The upgrade from 2 to 3 cost more than just buying 3 on the app store.

    Why do you want to spend more money?

    Mar 22, 03:49 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    Jan 12, 03:05 AM
    I'm not that keen on the name "MacBook Air" personally.

    Apr 10, 06:12 PM
    Yes, but I choose to drive an automatic as most of my driving is in town.

    Jun 23, 10:19 AM
    I would have expected future Macs to have conversational speech from you to the OS and from the OS back to you in addition to mouse and keyboard input. If it was like Dashboard for touch access then I wouldn't mind that either.

    I would hate to see the traditional Mac go away.


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