Wednesday, 11 May 2011

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  • mjstew33
    Jan 12, 12:49 PM
    All of you saying MacBook Air is such a bad name, remember when the MacBook pro was announced? Everyone HATED the name.


    (i'm not saying i support the name, i'm just throwing this out there)

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  • ryannel2003
    Feb 22, 10:34 PM

    My new addition, a white MacBook. It's a mid-2007 model I picked up for $400. Not a bad deal at all, considering many of these computers are still going for $550. Apple installed a new top case and display bezel for free, picked up a used Combo drive for $40 (old one was kaput) and a fresh install of Snow Leopard and I'm ready to go. Really enjoying it.

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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 14, 12:44 PM
    For me, the antenna issue was WORSE than people had reported.

    I don't see how. I saw it being reported on the national evening newscasts and on the front pages of newspapers. How much more reporting could there possibly have been?

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  • milo
    Nov 16, 10:45 AM
    31% is a little disappointing for 2x the number of cores.

    But you're missing the fact that the 8 cores are at a slower clock speed. If you compare 4 versus 8 at the same clock, you're looking at a respectable 47% improvement.

    I almost NEVER use handbrake from an optical DVD. That makes no sense to me. Why would you do that? :confused:

    To rip DVD's. Why add additional, unnecessary steps?

    Apple REALLY needs to get apps like quicktime and iTunes to run on any number of cores. Even if they don't use multiple cores on a single file, it should be a piece of cake to get them to process multiple files at once. If I want to convert eight files, it should just run each conversion at once on a separate core - it's the equivalent of running eight copies of the app (which shouldn't be necessary).

    I'd love to see them run Logic Pro - it supports four cores finally, and I'd like to know if they just upped it to four or if it goes beyond that.

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  • CmdrLaForge
    Sep 1, 01:33 PM
    That would be really great. Even so my 20" would look small then :eek:

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  • FleurDuMal
    Jan 1, 07:09 PM

    This year better be good!

    It's all gone a bit 1984.

    "The first 30 years were just the beginning.............NOW WE TAKE CONTROL!"

    *cue troops blocking off all transport routes and closing down all forms of communication as Steve Jobs consolidates power*

    The next millenia will belong to the racially pure nerdy 30-something urban professional.

    Sorry, I've just read "The Plot Against America" :o

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  • ju5tin81
    Nov 28, 02:30 PM
    I have no idea where you got that one from. The original Xbox never made a profit. Microsoft is deliberately selling the Xbox 360 at a loss to capture marketshare. However, the PS3 and Ninetindo Wii are selling like hotcakes, are latest big things, and have the buzz. The best laid plans ...

    No real, true, stats on that one yet. Moving on...

    However, the one thing I'm amazed at... The EU has this whole 'Anti-trust' thing going on with M$ at the mo...

    How can this company, legally, be allowed to sell their product at a loss with the sole intention being: capturing market share? Isn't this: putting ��$ behind a product to guarantee a products sucess ( & break smaller companies, not nessecarily Apple) : hugely illegal, and destroying consumer choice? Whether it be Zune, XboX whateva... :confused:

    I'm amazed that this practice is tollerated, let alone endorsed by the music lables, and their little $1 per Zune thang... I thought they were worried about APPLE being in control, never mind M$.... :eek:

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Jul 14, 06:55 AM
    If Apple introduces Blu Ray products will it be standard high end (Mac Pro, MacBook Pro) or BTO?

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  • bmustaf
    Sep 14, 04:07 PM
    You must be very unfamiliar with how an auto recall works. Besides, the analogy is flawed.

    They cannot reasonably service your car in your household for anything but the easiest of repairs (e.g. fill your tires up to the right pressure, but even then, what if there's a flat and they have to patch it? balance it?).

    Besides, no one is asking Apple to go to everyone's home.

    Finally, every auto owner involved in a recall gets notified. If they can't or don't feel safe bringing it in, most recalls cover some alternate method (e.g. if you didn't want to drive your Prius in in the most recent recall, Toyota offered to have their dealer send out a flatbed or a tech to drive it in for you in many cases).

    No one has offered to have an Apple Rep come out to my house to pick up my iPhone 4 to fit the case, because that's unreasonable.

    I guess you don't read my posts carefully. I said what you said, that Toyota issues a recall, but the onus is on the owner to bring in the vehicle for servicing. Exactly as Apple has now done: if you experience a problem, let them know and you can get a free bumper.

    To Consumer Reports this is an unacceptable way to deal with a design flaw. If it's Apple. For Toyota, it's fine and considered the normal way to handle a design flaw.

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  • vincebio
    Oct 23, 07:07 AM travelling to states this week, and could pick one up at the apple store 5th avenue for much cheaper than here in uk..

    its gottta come out sometime...

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  • mc68k
    Nov 18, 06:38 PM
    ^yeah almost seems unfair to ppl that want to compete but dont have access to high end hardware. i guess if you look at it from an aggregate standpoint then low point crunchers make a bit of a diff.

    the amount of power sucked from the wall per unit would be WAY less i would imagine. from an environmental standpoint it wouldnt make sense

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  • Lollypop
    Aug 25, 12:29 AM
    IF the mini do get refreshed it will be minor speedbump, maybe a faster CPU, maybe bigger HDD, hopefully a better GPU (or a real GPU for that matter) :rolleyes: personally hoping for price decreases, besides a mid range, apple does need a lower costing machine as well! :D

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  • copykris
    Mar 22, 04:58 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    this has to be the dumbest thing i've ever read on here

    and i was around when that one guy kept talking about how he 'future-proofed' his mac, so

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  • AdeFowler
    Apr 2, 08:35 PM
    Nice ad. Really like it.

    All the Nokia/Samsung ads that I've seen recently look like they were made during a task in The Apprentice.

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  • ffakr
    Nov 25, 04:59 PM
    Doh.. forgive this post, my safari session flipped out and I didn't realise this posted.

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  • heffemonkeyman
    Sep 6, 07:41 PM
    Can people please stop with the whole, I want 1080p resolution download files!

    It's insane, it would never ever work, Apple would sell far more movies at the current resolution than if they did HD. Sure, you guys would probably buy, if you had the patience to wait for 2 and a half days to download the film, and then be able to fit maybe 2 or 3 onto your hard drive, and that's it! Not going to happen. The majority of the world is not as obsessed with quality, they'll choose convenience. Nobody thinks "I fancy watching a film, maybe I'll go buy it off iTunes so I can watch it in 3 days time". The idea is convenience people, if it takes longer than 4 hours to download it will never fly.

    Using an advanced video codec like h.264, you can get decent quality in 720p at 6 Mbps and 1080p at 8 Mbps. (Look at the HD trailers on

    With current cable modems now getting 8 Mbps download speeds, we're not talking 2 and a half days, we're talking realtime or close to it.

    I'm betting apple skips "DVD Quality" (whatever that means) and goes straight into HD. It is the 21st Century after all...

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  • freebooter
    Sep 1, 12:17 PM
    Getting rid of the chin would require an external power supply like the ACDs unless you want a power supply sized blank space on the screen :pI don't have any problem with a power supply lurking out of sight on the floor. Why have one heating up the inside of the computer?

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 12:01 PM
    There is a reason that some of us Jailbreak, outside of the desire to add applications outside of the appstore.

    Apple hackers develop better jailbreaks now so they can keep up with the superior system Android has.

    There's so much more one can do with Android.

    After having every iPhone, I tried Android and I'm so amazed at their great capabilities.

    Android is awesome.

    That said my Iphone 4 is best as an iPod replacement.

    I have the best of both worlds.

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  • narfed
    Aug 16, 10:11 PM
    I may be talking out of my ass here, but my understanding is that Sirius works via satellites in geosynchronous orbit, which means they are way way up there, "locked in" above a specific spot on the ground (they zip around the Earth once every 24 hours, which keeps them above the equatorial spot that is also zipping around a full rotation in 24 hours). It would be physically impossible for a receiver on the "other" side of the world to see a satellite above central America. Maybe Sirius has several satellites, but still if they only officially serve the US market I can't see these venturing any further East/West than the US Atlantic and Pacific coasts (maybe a little out into the Pacific to serve Hawaii better). I seriously doubt that they'd have a satellite where someone in, say, Bombay could hook in.

    The other issue that comes up is angle of ascention. While it's a nice just-off-vertical and tilted south for the US customers, once you start moving east/west (or to the extreme north/south) you start making it a far more horizontal angle. Which means, living in an area without a clear horizon you will get poor results. Moreover, the smaller the angle of ascention, the more atmosphere the signal has to go through, causing connection issues.

    I could be wrong. Maybe Sirius foolishly wastes its money providing satellite service to the other half of the world just for the small market of folks who are adventurous enough to open a US account just to sign on. Or, maybe they market world-wide service as a key feature for traveling businessmen (possible, but that makes me even less likely to subscribe!) Doesn't seem likely though.

    He's talking about streaming over the Internet, not picking up a satellite signal.

    Mar 31, 08:35 AM
    About iCal....

    I don't know... I kinda like it. I guess I don't really care either way. I mean really, what's the big difference? Just the leather-like pattern at the top? It's the same as address book (in Lion). They're designing them to match their iPad counterparts.

    May 3, 05:40 AM
    In Lion a user simply needs to invoke the Launchpad, click and hold on the icon of the application they wish to delete, and when the icons begin to wiggle a cross appears on icons of apps installed via the Mac App Store. Clicking this cross brings up the message "Are you sure you want to delete the application...?", and clicking 'Delete' confirms and removes the app.
    I hope I can right-click and delete them too. Pointless to click and wait while holding if you have an input device with more than one button... :rolleyes:

    Oct 23, 08:48 AM
    Some users in Germany report that their dealers told them existing MacBook (Pro) orders will be deleted and re-ordered tomorrow due to new releases of these notebooks.

    All systems go for tomorrow update. :)
    Maybe you forgot the word "reliable" between some and users. :D

    Mar 22, 01:34 PM
    Not at all, provided you meet the requirements. I was merely pointing out that a Director of IT posted on a Mac forum asking how to remotely access his network.

    Based on your posts, I question if you meet the age requirements of this forum.

    LMAO...Yes that's it, I don't meet age requirements!

    Mar 22, 04:16 PM
    Like another poster said:

    220 GB
    Thunderbolt (though that won't happen)

    I love my iOS devices, but there's something nice about a tactile, clicking and scrolling player. Especially made out of metal. Yeah, it's dated, and it's sorta of clunky to navigate, but it "feels" real.


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