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  • QCassidy352
    Aug 4, 09:31 AM
    Where does this leave Conroe and Allendale? Apple's marketing strategy has always been that the PowerBooks (MacBook Pro) have faster processers then any of the iMac offerings. The Conroe and Allendale (Desktop) chips run faster then the Merom (Mobile) chips.

    :confused: The imac had a G5 for a long time while the powerbook had a G4. The imac ended with a 2.1 G5 and the powerbook topped out at a 1.67 G4. Apple has no problem, nor should they, putting a faster processor in a desktop than a notebook, even when the notebook is a "pro" machine and the desktop a "consumer" machine.

    I've maintained all along that the imac will get Conroe. It's a midrange desktop, not a laptop. Why would/should it get a laptop processor? (and don't say "yonah is a laptop processor." Apple did that because they wanted to switch to intel and the Pentium IV was not a valid option, so yonah was the only choice. Now they have a real desktop processor available, and they will use it.)

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 2, 08:58 PM
    Go to Intel's website. You will notice they only mention the Intel Core 2 Duo as a desktop processor �not a mobile processor. Merom is not officially announced or it would be listed on their website.

    "Intel Corporation today unveiled 10 Intel� Core� 2 Duo and Intel� Core� 2 Extreme processors for consumer and business desktop and laptop PCs..."

    The article later goes on to show the advantages of the Mobile PC Processor.

    Merom is officially announced. They just don't say Merom.

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  • Bmw 328i Xdrive

  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 11:15 AM
    2 is winning.

    Time to get some wining.

    Ask Charlie Sheen.

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  • WiiDSmoker
    Apr 20, 07:37 AM
    This model hasn't promised anything yet because no one but Apple knows what's in store. I don't see any cosmetic changes in store, and the iPhone 4 still looks better than every handset out to date. However don't count your chickens before they hatch!

    Sorry but my phone has never been dropped. Speak for yourself when you say it's going to get dropped. Not all of us are as clumsy as you and your friends apparently.

    How about glass that doesn't get scratched when a piece of hair lands on it?

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  • iScott428
    Mar 28, 10:39 AM
    I can not wait any longer, I need a new Iphone this summer! Please Apple do not make me wait any longer, my white 3gs is beginning to turn gray and the back is destroyed by my standards. Please bring back the metal backing, the mock up that looks like a mini ipad 3g would be outstanding!

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  • inkswamp
    Nov 22, 02:31 PM
    "We've learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,'' he said. "PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.''

    Oh fercrissake! These corporate types just never learn, do they? Remember when digital photography came along and Kodak said it was not worth the time to bother with? Remember when music stores and music player companies sat around and ignored the iPod and iTunes? Remember when Microsoft wasn't so sure about this new fad called the Internet?

    You either learn from history or you repeat it. If Apple unveils some interesting new take on the cell phone, these same guys are going to be crying foul over it, and yet they've had all the time in the world to prepare for it and--better yet--do something really innovative on their own. I hope Apple does pull off another iPod-style shake-up. I despise the way most cell phones are (over)designed and don't function the way you would expect. I'd love to see Apple come at it from their own design viewpoint and freak everyone out.

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  • zac4mac
    Nov 27, 08:44 AM
    Just to add a little fuel to the fire - I found this on MacSurfer - likely another source, sounded a little different. The plot thickens...


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  • amols
    Aug 4, 11:59 AM
    Never buy an apple product!!!
    As soon as you do something new and better comes out!!!
    I am typing this away on my new Macbook, Core 1 Duo; which i bought under the self-brainwashed reasoning that the MBP alone would see 2x2. Why you ask? Cuz I figured hey, the MB JUST came out, why refresh it every 2 months! The MBP has been out like 8 months, that makes sense.
    I can only PRAY I am right.
    No that my Macbook will be instant crap... I just COULD have waited until september.
    Damn you apple...

    Don't worry, I say this now -NO MBP CPU UPDATE AT WWDC- or till December for that matter. MBP itself has its own issues to be fixed like overheating, battery life and slower superdrive. I would be happier if they fix these issues instead of putting slightly faster chip and producing more heat and moans. And even if they do, you won't see big difference in performance anyways. So just enjoy your MB while it lasts.

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  • anonalidall
    May 7, 11:44 AM
    Point taken but what kind of FOOL am I to trade my privacy to Google for a paltry $6 at any level?

    Where you go, who you speak to and how you communicate is of tremendous value and I recommend that people think about actual value. We're moving from this era where the expectation should be that Cloud services at a basic level should be incorporated into the product without the vendor resorting to advertisements.

    Google and Facebook have both come out with disturbing revelations about how they feel about consumer privacy. I think the beauty of the web is that no company is irreplaceable. I could continue to get email, online calendar, pictures, documents and more without Google and that's a great feeling.

    First, it's the very nature of capitalism that provides you with the ability to pick and choose the best service/company that meets your needs.

    Second, I'm not sure what you mean by "We're moving from this era where the expectation should be that Cloud services at a basic level should be incorporated into the product without the vendor resorting to advertisements." If you mean that we should get free Cloud services without ads then I think you're completely wrong and I'm most worried about sites that provide free services and have absolutely nothing but VC cash to pay for it. And if you mean we should have the option of paying for Cloud services to avoid ads, then fine, but you can do that with Gmail, so I don't see why you think MobileMe is any better than Gmail (from the privacy perspective).

    Lastly, I wouldn't lump Google and Facebook together when it comes to privacy. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have made very strong statements about their respect for their users and they understand that without the users they'd have no company. Eric has made a lame-brained comment or two, and Google Buzz screwed up, but they fixed it (and at least when you signed into Gmail they had the option to opt out of it).

    Facebook is a whole different story. Their whole exec branch seems to disregard privacy and they've been rolling out auto-opt-in feature after feature that removes your privacy.

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  • Liam8
    May 9, 12:30 PM
    That would be great! Think of how useful it is! :rolleyes:

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 20, 07:48 AM
    Looks like they just flagged the Tomtom car kit as discontinued at BLT and are no longer carrying the item. Looking for a new place to order it around this price. Any thoughts?

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  • Slix
    Apr 26, 02:14 PM
    iPhones are still better.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 25, 10:14 PM
    i hope apple comes out with a shoe phone, something the pink panther or inspector gadget would use.

    Would you believe agent Maxwell Smart?

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  • hugothomsen
    Apr 25, 11:17 AM
    Well, I think it's great - I have just been able to track business mileage accurately, even when I have lost the exact date and route - I also can retrace my steps from that holiday 8 months ago where I went to a really nice place and forgot the name of it.

    I am not too worried about anyone stealing my phone or laptop and accessing my data - I can remote wipe my phone and my laptop is fairly secure with the StorageVault and complex passwords.

    If I against any presumption should be so interesting that someone would steal my Apple gear and throw a lot of resource into finding out when and how often I have been to the pub, well good luck to ya.

    It is however an excellent opportunity for Apple to build in a history feature in the maps so you can see where you were - and then implement a paranoia option in a later revision of the iOS that shuts down logging altogether - then all you important folk out there that do so important things that it would be disastrous if you were tracked doing them should be happier.

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  • powerbooks
    Mar 27, 07:39 AM
    No problem. I kind of thought that you might be outside the US and not factoring in the Verizon models.

    Think about it: it might be 24, with iPad1 still on the market......:)

    Bmw 328 In Florida. 1996 Bmw 328i.
  • 1996 Bmw 328i.

  • beebler
    Apr 20, 12:55 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Apple is also gunning for the iPad 3 to be released alongside it but I doubt it'll end UO that way.

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  • Gallery: 2010 BMW 328i.

  • Reach9
    Apr 20, 01:00 PM
    I honestly don't understand where some people get their logic from.
    I just skimmed through this thread and i saw posts like "The next iPhone will be an iPhne 4S/iPad 2 type upgrade, so it won't be big". Or "the next iPhone should be called iPhone 4GS or iPhone 4S, because it won't be a big upgrade".
    I'm sorry but a Dual Core processor itself makes it a huge upgrade. The iPhone 3GS was the biggest upgrade internally, the iPhone 4 has more RAM.

    Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Btw, why would Apple go back to messing up with their names? iPhone 3G was almost the exact same as the Original iPhone, except it had 3G functionalities. So they had to emphasize on "3G", hence the name.
    In a marketing stance, it didn't make sense for Apple to go from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3, people want to see improvements not a removal of a letter.
    And now finally they came back to the numerical way of naming the iPhone, and i think it'll stay just like that. It makes no sense for Apple to mess it up.
    Otherwise the iPad 2 according to some people here should've been called "iPad 1S" :rolleyes:

    This should make sense:
    iPhone = iPhone 1
    iPhone 3G = iPhone 2
    iPhone 3GS = iPhone 3
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 5

    Makes sense? Now how messed up would this be..
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S = iPhone 5
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 6

    In other words, don't undermine the iPhone 5. Due to the leak of the 'prototype' iPhone 4 last year, Apple has been very strict with their next device, by this time last year we knew a lot about the iPhone 4.
    So we can only wait until a date closer to September (from what it seems), to see the actual features of the phone.
    Keep in mind guys, Apple is going to add things to make current iPhone 4 owners upgrade, it's all marketing.

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  • johndallas999
    Apr 26, 03:15 PM
    Competition is good! Especially for Apple and their my way or the highway way of doing things. I love my IP4 but Apple needs a kick in their wallet to get them motivated to keep up.

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  • coolcom
    Mar 30, 06:17 PM
    Actually the download is happening in the Launchpad icon this time... that's new

    I see it now- weird, thanks!

    Apr 18, 03:33 PM
    Does anyone know what exactly is at the center of the law suit ?

    Pretty textbook case of biting the hand that feeds you here, even if Samsung business units are separated.

    Yap, pretty much what I was thinking ....

    Aug 7, 04:24 PM
    It's almost exactly what I was looking for. I am a student and semi-proffessional artist, the Imac didn't cut it, hd's to slow in macbook pro for video work, and only expandable to 2 gigs of ram for both. the dual 2.0 config will be perfect for running photoshop off of rossetta, FCP, after effects, solid works in bootcamp. Good pricepoint, the dual 2.0 in canadian student discount is close to 50bucks more than the old dual 2.0 OMG WTF. but I was kind of hoping for front row for those nights of book reading and listening to radiohead while stoned, so I dont have to get up if a less ambient song comes on

    Apr 26, 04:36 PM
    Good... there are a few things about iOS/iPhones that I don't like at all and that boil down to decisions by Apple and their partners to place limits where I don't think they need to be.

    Hopefully Apple starts to understand that these things matter and that they need to give people what they want.

    If not... Andriod here I come.

    Apr 20, 01:46 AM
    I don't see that happening. Apple tends to avoid complicated product lines. That is one too many options in my opinion.

    Considering we have three tier (or more) systems with other Apple lines I don't see it as a total impossibility.

    Mac Mini > iMac > Mac Pro
    MacBook > MacBook Air > MacBook Pro
    iPod Shuffle > Nano > Classic > Touch etc.

    We'll have to wait and see how it all turns out!:)

    Mar 28, 12:14 PM
    Like others have said, with a delay until the fall, this could mean that Apple will deliver a LTE Iphone this year instead of 2012 like what was originally thought.


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