Friday, 26 February 2010

New Auto Show General Motors

New Auto Show General Motors
After few leaked photos, Lexus officially introduces the brand newborn CT 200h hybrid hatchback. Set to enter production in New 2010, the newborn automobile will make its official debut next month, at the Genf Motor Show. Clearly based on the LF-Ch Concept unveiled backwards in 2009 at the city Motor Show, the newborn automobile carries on Lexus’s L-finesse design belief with a distinctive, sharp-edged look that sets it apart from its premium auto rivals. The interior combines superior ergonomics with extensive ingest of metallic finishes and dark, soft-touch surfaces.

 New Auto Show General Motors

General Motors Co.’s next generation of full-sized pickups module be installed with the stylish technologies, including adaptive cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity.

GM may also offer a flexible electronics grouping that is compatible with a panoramic range of aftermarket devices beyond MP3 players and mobile phones. Rick Spina, GM’s global vehicle distinction executive for full-sized trucks, said that the technology when it comes to electronics moves very quickly. However, GM module continue to ingest the basic formula for the next-generation, restyled and re-engineered Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, that are expected to arrive in 2012. The size of the trucks module be similar to current pickups but GM module reduce the mass of the vehicles and meliorate aerodynamics. GM module continue to deliver durability and payload power plus increased fuel economy. At an discourse this period at the Chicago Auto Show, Spina said that to meliorate fuel economy, GM module be “smoothing out” individual features and may eliminate a portion of the truck’s hang to reduce mass.


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