Monday, 14 September 2009

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Preity Zinta Born in Shimla 31 January 1975, Himachal Pradesh, she hails from a family of Rohru in Shimla District. Preity Zinta initially planned to do an English honours but later decided to pursue psychology. Preity Zinta also attended Bombay University. After earning a degree in criminal psychology at the St. Bedes College, Zinta began her career as a model and commercial ad films actress and Preity Zinta was seen in Lyril’s soap ad film.Preity Zinta father, Durganand Zinta was an officer in the Indian Army. Durganand Zinta died when Preity was thirteen, in a car accident which also involved her mother, Nilprabha Zinta. Her mother broke many bones in the accident, including her spine. Her mother was bedridden for two years because of this incident. Zinta has two brothers, Deepankar Zinta and Manish Zinta, a year older and a year younger, respectively. Deepankar is a commissioned officer in the Indian Army, while Manish is settled in Los Angeles.

Preity Zinta is an award-winning Indian actress who appears in Bollywood movies. She is among the most successful actresses in the industry, and is regarded as one of the biggest names in India. Zinta has primarily acted in mainstream cinema having the biggest hits of the last years, but has also done some critically acclaimed films. Today, Zinta is placed on the top in the list of the biggest actresses of this generation.


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