Sunday, 9 March 2008

Need for Speed - Malaysia Grand Prix

The 2007 Formula 1 Grand Prix season started off with a bang this year. The second racing event in the circuit was enjoyed in Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia hosted the 2007 Grand Prix at its Sepang International Circuit course during the first weekend in April.

Included in the Grand Prix Formula One Racing Championship in 1999, the Malaysia circuit, hosted at the Sepang racecourse near Kuala Lumpur, is fast becoming one of the most popular events in that part of Asia. Since their first year in the F1 racing circuit, the Malaysian course has offered drastic changes in weather to challenge F1 drivers, as well as a 56-lap, 5.54 km racecourse filled with hair-raising turns and straight-aways that beg for speed.

The Sepang racecourse, built in 1998, has become the guiding design of subsequent F1 racetracks around the world, and has led the way to offering a major global event that attracts thousands of visitors every year to this exotic country filled with charm, grace and history. Sepang is known to be one of the most technical circuits in the Grand Prix circuit, and its combinations of tight turns and straight-aways make it one of the most exciting courses for both drivers and spectators.

The racetrack, a mere 3.5 kilometers from the New Kuala Lumpur International Airport, is easily accessible by taxi and can be reached within a ten minute drive. Shuttle services also transport passengers back and forth as well, but most visitors opt to stay at least a few days to enjoy the atmosphere and amenities that Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia have to offer.

This year’s race saw Fernando Alonso crossing the finish line first for the McLaren-Mercedes racing team, and hot new rookie Lewis Hamilton, whose debut in the Australian Grand Prix in March 2007 saw him taking third, followed Alonso across the line to finish second in an exciting, heart-stopping race that had crowds at Sepang on their feet.

The roar of engines and the smell of hot rubber and warm asphalt drifted over the thousands who came to witness the exciting race, which saw Alonso maintaining an almost nine second lead over Hamilton the later half of the race as onlookers watched with wide-eyed excitement and cheered for the efforts of other racers, including Kimi Raikkonen, who finished third for Ferrari.

After Australia, the F1 site at Kuala Lumpur offered racing fans not only a drastic change in temperature, but sights as well. Malaysia, offering a quaint combination of modern amenities and architecture with simple Asian charm, provided domestic and global visitors with a different view of the world as seen by Malaysians. The capital city of Kuala Lumpur welcomed global visitors to the event with open arms and tasty treats that delights the palate.

Keep an eye on the McLaren-Mercedes racing team comprising of Alonso and the rookie fast making a name for himself in the F1 world, Lewis Hamilton, in upcomin Grand Prix as both give fellow racers a fast, exciting run for their money.


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