Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Battle Between Porsche And Ferrari

The two European automakers, Porsche of Germany and Ferrari of Italy, have a lot of similarities even though the two compete with each other head to head for a niche market of the automotive industry. Both companies have a patriarchal founder, companies honed their skills in racing, are over five decades old, and both have a commitment to the integrity of their styling. If you question whether the two are the dominant force in performance autos just take a street survey and you will find that even a novice who knows nothing about cars knows these names.

For the purposes of this comparison we have chosen to feature the iconoclastic 911 Carrera from Porsche and the gorgeous Ferrari F430 because the two are representative of their respective company�s long standing tradition of marrying style and performance while offering some practicality but in the end are true sports cars though and through.

Both of these cars have the basic requirements of the modern sports car which are the ability to be started easily, handles well in town, takes winding country roads well and has race car performance coupled with safety.

When comparing standing start times the Ferrari is a slight bit faster edging out the Porsche by .8 seconds with a four second time in the zero to 100km/h test which is needless to say lightning fast. With speeds like these it is also imperative that the two speedsters be able to stop equally efficiently and the two do so offering optional cutting edge ceramic braking systems.

Porsche definitely wins in the fuel economy comparison getting nearly twice the mileage that the F430 gets. Both cars transfer the power of their engines through state of the art six speed transmissions.

The interiors of both vehicles offer a great deal of comfort that belies the small space and doesn�t leave the driver feeling cramped or closed in. The overall appearance in style goes to the Porsche hands down though as masters of high quality finish work.

When having to decide between the two, assuming you have the money to do so, the biggest difference is appearance with the Ferrari having the head turning looks but overall we have to give the fight to Porsche as the more well rounded of the two and the one that is less costly to maintain. It was fun to compare them however and maybe you should make a comparison of your own.


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